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There are a few destinations worldwide considered to be the best countries to study abroad. According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the United States is the most preferred country international students choose to study abroad. In fact, the study states that the United States receives 19% of international students who decide to study abroad.

Moreover, UNESCO’s statistics has placed the United States as the most popular destination for international students around the globe. Next, the United Kingdom tends to welcome 11% of foreign students, making it the second most popular destination for internationals. Third, Australia currently welcomes 8%, making it the third more attractive country for international students. Finally, France sits in the fourth position, for it welcomes 7% of the international students.

Now, let us talk about where most of these international students abroad come from. Today, China is the country sending out the most internationals abroad. In fact, China, the country with the largest population in the world, sends out more than half a million students abroad per year. Next, India, the country with the second largest population in the world, sends out around 200,000 students. Interestingly enough, international students from China and India tend to get most of the United States’ H1B Visa slots, for most of these students end up studying a STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Mathematics) field.

Thanks to UNESCO, we are now able to have a better understanding of what are the best countries to study abroad and where do most international students abroad come from. We would like to encourage you to trust us with your study abroad dreams so we help you start your journey towards a quality education. Fill out our online application form and earn a FREE 30-minute-Consultation today!


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