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Learn more about the college consulting industry and its ugly truth.

The college consulting industry has been growing in an unprecedented way for the past couple of years. According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association, the number of independent college consultants, in the U.S. alone, has grown from 2,000 to nearly 5,000 in the last couple of years. This is due to the fact that nowadays parents are busier than ever and are looking for personalized support for their kids’ college admissions needs.

Nonetheless, a growth in the college consulting industry does not necessarily reflect a scam free environment. Currently, there are a wide variety of college consulting businesses promising scholarships and admissions in a matter of weeks, if not months. Additionally, according to Bankrate.comthe average cost of a college consultant is $6,000. Ruth Starkman, one of the Huffington Post’s writers, asked an important question in one of her articles,

“Does your high school student need a private admissions consultant? It depends on your situation. Can you afford one? It depends on the service, which can range from about $1000 to tens of thousands of dollars.” (The Huffington Post)

Here at MOLA Leadership, we have understood that students come first above all things. Because our founders, Alex Moraes and Daniel Lainez, were ripped off by some of our competitors, we do not charge excessive amounts of money just to profit ourselves. Instead, we currently offer the most competitive costs depending upon the student’s academic program of choice.

Contact us today for a free 30min consultation and experience an honest and professional service yourself!

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