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In the United States, National Parks are well-recognized, for they are not only beautiful landmarks, but also places with a vast historic meaning. As an international student in the United States, you can feel free to explore some of these amazing sites. Think about it, you could go on a road trip with either friends or family to get to know more of your host country while having fun and relaxing along the way. The following list features some of the sites to see while studying in the United States:

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park: The mountains of this National Park are considered among the oldest in the world, which extend from the prehistoric era of the Paleo-Indians. It has about 800 square miles, where you will find more than 17,000 different species of plants and animals (including invertebrates). It is considered by many as a site to see.
  2. Grand Canyon National Park: This is an internationally known American national park. This National Park remains open all year round. The Grand Canyon is 227 miles long and 18 inches wide at some points. If you are a student looking for adventure, you can walk in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, which would take you a total of 2 days. You can also find lodging, restaurants and where to camp at the southern edge of the canyon (the National Park Service recommends booking during the summer).
  3. Yosemite National Park: Located in Sierra Nevada, this National Park is characterized by its valleys, meadows and waterfalls. It is also characterized by being shaped by glaciers and 95% of the park has been declared wild. It has more than 800 miles of trails and 282 miles of roads that will allow you to live with a little more than 400 species of animals (including two species of natural insects of the park). There is the possibility of lodging and camping, if you are willing to enjoy a complete and unforgettable experience.
  4. Yellowstone National Park: This park is the oldest in the United States, established in the year 1,872. Yellowstone Park is renowned for its geysers, especially the Old Faithful, which is the most popular geyser within the park. But its geysers are not their only attractions, since the park also consists of hot springs and mud volcanoes. Not to mention its varied fauna, which includes brown bears, wolves, bison and moose.

If you want to experience this cool places, apply to study abroad either in the United States or Australia today! We will make it easier for you to achieve your academic dreams. We look forward to hear from you!

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