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Studying abroad is not only exciting, but it can also be scary. Going on a voyage to a college abroad is quite a unique experience, for you do not know what you have signed up for. After all, you have to realize you will dwell in a different culture with different people, customs and social norms. For this reason, we have decided to share with you about the 5 most common fears of studying abroad.

  1. Where will I live? Once you arrive at your college destination, you may feel scared, for you might be thinking where will you be living. However, the more you think about it, the more solutions you may find. For example, most universities offer a place to stay during a student’s first year experience. Also, there are places around, like apartment locations or houses, for rent so that you live either by yourself or with other international students. Truth is, this should not even be a concern because there always a variety of solutions to problems.
  2. Living far away from home. Being more independent can definitely be a reason for you to feel scared. Truth be told, once you decide to study abroad, you are accepting the challenge to become more independent. At this point, you have to realize you will be in charge of your own laundry, cooking and cleaning. Nonetheless, this should make you excited because it will make you grow as as a young adult
  3. Managing my personal finances. Personal finances might seem intimidating. This is due to the fact that most international students have had no previous experience managing their money. Remember, though, this is just part of the walk towards becoming an independent and well-educated professional. Besides, you got to manage your personals finances at a point in time. Why not now?
  4. Will I miss my home country? This is the most common fear among international students studying abroad. Missing your family and friends causes nostalgia and melancholy. Nevertheless, these are momentary feelings that you can control over time. Keep in mind you will have many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends every day at your new college. The connections you make while studying abroad will eventually become your new family.
  5. Will I adapt to different teaching methods? How can we forget about the new teaching methods you will experience while studying abroad? Adapting to different teaching methods might be frustrating for you, but the good news is you are adaptable by human nature.

Hope these 5 points encourage you to study abroad and become the person you were meant to be. As you might have noticed, these fears are simply challenges which will help you grow at a personal level. Now, make sure you share this blog post with people who will appreciate it. Thank you for trusting in us and do not forget we can help you become an international student in the university of your choice!

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