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“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.”

–          Edmund Hillary

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If there is a peculiar characteristic which most people face in today’s world, it is conformity. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, conformity is defined as the behavior that is the same as the behavior of most other people in a society or group. Conformity is one of many societies’ cancers and it will last as long as we practice it. However, the decision to stop living an ordinary life and turn it into an extraordinary one lies within each one of us.

It was in the fall of 2011 that two young fellows decided to switch their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Because these two gentlemen realized their fascination with how one person could inspire another, they decided to create MOLA Leadership in order to help international students study abroad in the United States. Despite how simple it may seem, these two men faced a hard decision, the decision to stop living based on others and start living for themselves. You may wonder how you could become extraordinary if you have no idea where to start. Hopefully, the following “Three Steps towards an Extraordinary Life” will help you to become an outstanding person.


  1. Visualize. Have you ever asked yourself where will you be in the next five, or even ten years from now. Those distant scenarios motivate us to find our true purpose in life. If you cannot visualize yourself living a certain life, then you will never achieve that goal. In other words, visualization helps us utilize our creativity so we may innovate a world that we want to be a part of. For this reason, start to see yourself studying abroad in the United States. Dream it. Breathe it. Feel it.


  1. Sacrifice. Most of the time, people think that sacrifices are associated with an exchange between one thing for another including their work, extracurricular activities, time, or money. Nevertheless, a sacrifice may also mean the capacity of working harder than usual in order to achieve a goal. Can you think of the last time you wanted to accomplish a certain objective? Rachel Scott said, “Glory only comes when one pursues their dreams.”  Do not hesitate and pursue your deepest desires by sacrificing your time and working harder every single day. The sizes of rewards are measured by the sizes of the sacrifices made. If you have not yet taken steps to study in an American college, get started today!


  1. Persevere. Values are important, for they add discernment into our thinking so we can differentiate positive and negative situations. While in school we learn the many different values and their importance, but I want to focus on one crucial characteristic: persistence. Once we have visualized our future scenario, we can perfectly work upon it by sacrificing whatever it takes to reach our target. However, it will be by persevering that our objective will come faster than expected, for we will develop constant motivation throughout our journey. In Steve Jobs’ Stanford University Commencement speech, he pointed out that, “Sometimes life is going to hit you hard with a brick. Do not lose faith.” This is so true. Nobody said life would be easy, but I assure you that anything is possible. Persevere no matter what and you will find your way to the top. Persevere and never back down your dream to become an international student in the United States.


These three steps will help you trade the ordinary for the extraordinary. There is no need for you to keep living an average life without meaning or purpose. There is no need for you to remain in an invisible wall limiting your capacities and full potential. Now, rise and take one step away from today’s fads so you can become tomorrow’s inspiration. Remind yourself that ordinary is not enough, but enough is the will to evolve into extraordinary.

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