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It is time to learn more about the most popular sports in the United States. If you do not see your favorite sport within this list, does not mean it is not practiced in the country. As a matter of fact, the United States is a country rich in terms of athletic culture. It is highly possible to find almost every sport in the nation. Let us take a look at the most popular sports in the United States:

American Football:

American Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the United States. Its National Football League (NFL) consists of 32 professional teams located in the most important cities of the country. The NFL is comprised by 2 divisions, the National Football Conference (NFC, with 16 teams) and the American Football Conference (AFC, with 16 teams). The best team of each conference face each other at the really popular Super Bowl, which it is estimated to attract the attention of approximately 400 million fans worldwide.


Baseball is considered the second most popular sport in the United States. Baseball consists of a total of 30 teams in the Major Leagues (15 teams in the National League and 15 teams in the American League). Each league is comprised of 3 divisions, grouped by geographical location and named accordingly: East, Central and West Leagues. This sport has positively impacted other countries, starting with Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela,as well as many other Central American countries (also including Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea). Baseball has a vast amount of fans worldwide, approximately 300 million fans.


Basketball is known to be a strategic game, just like American Football. This is due to the fact that basketball requires great physical condition, for speed plays an important role in the game. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has 29 teams (27 teams from cities in the United States and 2 teams from Canada). An estimated 250 million to 300 million fans worldwide are believe to give life to this wonderful sport.

Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey is a popular sport in the United States (especially during the winter season, although not as much as the three previously mentioned), especially in cities located in the north and northeast of the country. The National Hockey League (NHL) has 30 teams (7 teams from Canada and 23 teams from the United States). This sport is generally said to be loud, for hockey is a sport that sometimes consists of a lot of physical contact and violence.

NASCAR Auto Racing:

NASCAR is characterized for its increasing popularity, especially within the U.S. territory, where they run around 35 races a year. Generally the racing season starts in February in the southern states and lasts until the end of August. For lovers of speed and risk, this can be an extremely attractive sport, from which they can become fans.

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