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Alex Moraes


“Success is knowing my purpose in life.”

-John C. Maxwell

Why are you reading this article? Why not watch T.V., text some friends, or check out your Facebook account? If you are still reading this article, it is because there is a powerful reason, something that has been hidden within you for a long time. That reason is called college success.

As time passes by, you are living in a circle, your comfort zone, expecting miracles without working hard or doing something in exchange for them. Many people have asked themselves one particular question, “Why do I not get what I want?” However, when someone asks them, “What do you want?,” they doubt for a while and hesitate when it comes to answer the question. Definitely, this is one of people’s many mistakes. The first step to reach your goals is to know exactly what you want. Anthony Robbins, one of the ten gurus of leadership, said, “There are no lazy people, but people with impotent goals. Such goals do not inspire them at all.”

Our point is that the day will come in which you will regret all the time wasted, all those years thrown away. Fortunately, you still have time to add value into your life and redesign your future.  Now that you know that you still have the chance to make the most out of you, we want to share three steps needed in the path to college success:

  1. Dream. Dreaming is an important step when it comes to start a piece of writing, song, business, or any other desire your heart holds. In fact, through dreaming and imagination is how our mind goes beyond limitations and make us do what we thought would be impossible. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Why Facebook, Twitter, or even this blog does exist? The answer is really simple, for each one of them were a dream at first. Now, get started and dream of studying abroad.
  2. Plan. Once you have dreamed you will feel really excited and able to do whatever your heart desires. However, dreams are only valuable if we plan how to reach them. There is nothing else more effective as preparedness. Do you remember the first time you went to Walmart along with your family? We are sure that either your father or mother were holding a list that was prepared in advance. Today, thanks to your parents’ effective planning you shop with a list. What are you waiting for? Start now! Plan your dreams, get ready ready for college and make your desire future a reality.
  3. Take Action. If there is a phrase that appeals to us the most, that is, “take action.” How many times have you met the typical talkative person? That individual who is always talking about all the cool ideas he or she has in mind, but when it comes to put these words into practice they end up plenty of excuses. All your efforts will be wasted if you do not combine your thoughts with actions. Anthony Robbins stated, “Personal power is the ability to take action.” With this said, we invite you to stop talking and to take action! Contact us today and we will help you get accepted into an American college.

Now that we have shared with you three key instruments required in the path to college success, start dreaming, planning and taking action. Many people make the mistake of waiting until the last moment. However, that moment might never happen. The truth is that you have always been ready, but you were not aware of it. The moment is now. This is your moment. Apply now to an American college!

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