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Today we will talk about the top 5 most popular sports in Australia. Australia is an incredibly athletic and healthy nation in which many different sports are practiced. We would like to remind you just because your favorite sport isn’t included in the following list does not mean it isn’t practiced in Australia. Now, time to check out the top 5 most popular sports in Australia:

1. Rugby Football

The Australian rugby team is governed by the Australian Rugby Union (ARU), who currently has the record of having won the Rugby World Cup twice (European editions of 1991 and 1999). The game of Rugby is a game of physical contact, almost similar to American Football, of course with certain key differences between both sports, especially in terms of rules and technique.

2. Soccer

The first Australian soccer federation was founded in 1882 gaining popularity with the immigration caused by the Second World War. The A-League is made up of state federations. It is clear soccer is at its peak within the Australian territory, as well as around the world. Soccer is considered to be the sport with the largest number of fans in the international arena.

3. Tennis

Tennis is heavily followed in Australia. Australia hosts the world’s famous Australia Open. The Australia Open is one of the of the four Grand Slam tournaments. The Australian Open is held in Melbourne once a year. The competition is divided into three categories, individual (one-on-one games), doubles (two against two) and mixed doubles (two against two games, involving both sexes for participation).

4. Cricket

Australians have been playing Cricket for more than 200 years, being one of their main sports, especially during the summer season. As a matter of factt of this sport in Australia, the national team is the the most successful, winning the world title four times.

5. Surf

Surf arrived in Australia back in  1910. It is perfect sport to be practiced in the spectacular beaches of Australia. This a popular sport practiced by young adrenaline fans. Their best-known professional tournaments are the Coolangatta, the Margaret River and Bells Beach.


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