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Click on the image above and start you journey into an American college campus!

Click on the image above and start you journey into an American college campus!

“You are the books you read, the places you visit, and the people you meet.”

– Anonymous

Nowadays we are not aware of the importance that lies in the selection of our friendships. In fact, sometimes we fall into a situation in which we believe that by doing whatever the rest of people are doing, we could definitely enter in any social circle. Another thing that happens is peer pressure, which makes us act in a random way in order to either “make new friends,” or “keep our friendships.” The truth is that it does not matter if you feel alone, for you are not. The only problem is that you have not yet learned how to be yourself and choose friends wisely. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Never go with the crowd. Go your own way.”

Personally, while I was in high school, I remember I used to struggle not once, but many times just because I had no true friends. It was not my choice, but it was because I would have never done the things they did: smoking weed, selling cocaine, or even partying during every day of the week. In other words, our concepts of entertainment were completely different and this was one of the many reasons why I decided to remain on my own, in what I called, loneliness. Fortunately, along the way I made better relationships, but most importantly, true friendships. Most of my new friends used to be segregated by others just because they were not “cool,” but they were with me in both good and bad moments.

Today, I want to share with you three different types of people who I always try to find and that helped me in those last three years of high school. Try to look for people with at least one of the following traits so you can add more quality into your life.

  1. Mentors. Have you ever noticed that you have such a wonderful friendship that makes you learn every second you both spend together? Yes, it is possible. In my case, my best friend, Daniel, teaches me something new every single day throughout conversations or even while having fun. For example, before I used to read books and highlight important details I found, but now, thanks to Daniel, I not only highlight a book, but also I owe a notebook which specifically is for me to write down whatever I have learned and highlighted in my books. Sounds simplistic, but such a small thing can be really interesting, for I can review what I just highlighted and then keep it in a notebook so I can go over it whenever I want to.

Mentors are a special kind of people because they make you grow at a personal level. With them, you can perfectly have intellectual conversations, everlasting moments, or even positive energy that will make you a better person in just a glimpse of an eye.

  1. Encouragers. Have you ever felt others hoping in you? Whenever we have an idea or plan, encouragers support us without even doubting. These individuals add a lot of meaning to our lives because they believe in our unlimited capacities. Their true support makes no room for negativity. Instead, they give us a lot of positivism.

Encouragers are so important that a world without them could struggle easily. As humans we depend on each other. Even though we seek independence, at the end of the day we are interdependent, for we cannot live by ourselves. Look for encouragers and have more reasons to pursue your dreams and live happier.

  1. Protectors. How many times did a friend tell you to stop doing whatever you were doing? Protectors are loyal sentinels watching every single move you do. These fellows are the kind of friends that will support you consciously by simply saying, “Stop. Think before acting. Is this right or wrong?”

Although sometimes you may act as you wish, protectors will shield you from any danger. This type of friend will definitely serve you as a wall against any bad situation or people who life might bring to you. Start protecting yourself with a protector to live a safer life!

Moreover, with the help of individuals whose characteristics are similar to the ones listed above, you would definitely live a more qualitative life in which your personal growth would exceed any limits within every day. Because you would be surrounded with better kind of people, you would experience life as what it really is: a learning process.

Personally, I want to challenge you to start the quest for quality people with either one of the three valuable characteristics mentioned before. No matter if it takes you days, weeks, months, or even years, for once you find them, your life will never going to feel the same.

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