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Today, we will talk about why the way you dress is important. Whether you are a student or professional, the way you dress truly matters. Image is not everything, but it can have a significant impact, for your appearance is your first impression for the most part. Let us discuss why this is the case!

For better or worse, we live in a world of looks. This means you must be careful with your image and how you present yourself to those around you. This does not mean your image is everything. We would like to point out there is nothing better than your integrity (what you do when no one is looking). In other words, make sure your image is parallel with your actions, especially if you are a young student or professional living abroad in either the United States or Australia.

When studying or working abroad, you got to make sure you dress accordingly. If you go to networking events, dress business casual. If you go to class, dress casual, not vulgar. If you go to work, dress professionally. If you go to a job fair, be a rock star and dress the best you can to be remembered. The point is to dress in the best way possible and support your image with clean social media and a strong work ethic so people know you do as you preach.

Hopefully, this blog has been a nice little reminder of why the way you dress is important. Now, get ready and prepare for your study abroad journey with us. Get Started!


Alex is a young entrepreneur who triple majored in Economics, Public Administration and Political Science and acquired an MBA with an emphasis in International Business at Lindenwood University. Additionally, Alex works as a Marketing & Advertising Director at Synergy Alliance, powered by Gershman Mortgage, St. Louis major residential and commercial financing institution. Furthermore, Alex helps international students study abroad in the USA and Australia through his online college consulting business MOLA Leadership.




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